Learn about pelvic biomechanics. Learn the anatomy of the pelvis, how it moves, and what movements help to facilitate your baby’s descent and rotation through the pelvis!

In this 90-minute webinar we will discuss:

  • Anatomy of the pelvis & uterus;
  • Baby’s positions and rotation through the pelvis during birth;
  • Movements that open each level of the pelvis, and how they differ;
  • And PowerPoint PDF that is used in the webinar.

This course also includes the link for the upcoming live zoom webinar with Q&A!

Learn to Open the Pelvis

You will understand what the different pelvic levels are, and what movement patterns create more space in each level to help baby descend and rotate more easily through the pelvis!

Understand the Science of Birth

Learn what measures labor progress, and ways to explore this without internal exams. You'll understand basic anatomy of labor, and how baby is moving through your pelvis so you can match labor positions more optimally!

Approaching Labor Stalls

You'll learn WHAT may contribute towards labor stalls, and how to solve each possible cause with a variety of options. Not every labor stall can be solved by just adding pitocin! Sometimes we need to explore movement, rest, or focus on baby's position!

Meet Gina & Roxanne

Gina has her masters of science in exercise science and is a birth doula. Gina specializes in pelvic biomechanics and pushing. She uses her in-person experience working with over 100 birth clients to help you better understand how to create space and facilitate labor progress.

Roxanne is a labor and delivery nurse with her bachelor's of science in nursing. Roxanne has been a labor and delivery nurse for most of the past decade, working with hundreds, if not thousands of patients. Roxanne shares her medical expertise on approaching labor stalls so that you can advocate for your birth.

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