Begin Your Healing Journey After Birth

This bundled course includes BOTH our c-section scar mobilization course AND our 16-week c-section specific recovery fitness program.

The 16-Week C-Section Specific Recovery Fitness Program is offered through the teambuildr app. After registration, we will manually create your teambuildr account within 24 hours.

Our online, self-paced cesarean scar mobilization course will guide you through how to approach mobilizing your scar after birth.

Pregnancy can be a super exciting time but with that excitement often comes the weight of expectations. While each pregnancy has some predictable factors, there are always a few remaining variables including how baby will enter the world.

C-sections can be necessary for a variety of reasons and account for ~32% of all births in the US and a bit less internationally. It is important that moms are aware of healing strategies after this major surgical procedure. 

Read more on why scar mobilization is beneficial on our blog by Casey Backus.

This course includes:

  • Science of Tissue Healing Mobilization
  • How to Approach Mobilization + Timelines of Healing
  • Scar Mobilization Techniques
  • Mobility Routine to Support Your Scar Healing
  • Plus our C-Section Scar Mobilization Live Webinar (recording included in the course + zoom link for upcoming webinar)

Recovery From Your Birth

Meet Gina Conley

Gina is the head coach at MamasteFit, and writes the programming for our c-section recovery program.

Gina & Casey, physical therapist, worked together to test and develop the program to support c-section moms recovery better postpartum.

Gina has her masters in exercise science. She been exclusively training prenatal and postpartum women for the past several years and have spent the time refining our fitness programs!

Meet Casey Backus

Casey will be your guide through this scar mobilization course. She is a physical therapist, yoga teacher, and 2x c-section mom.

After her first cesarean birth, Casey spent months working on her c-section scar to improve her overall function and health in preparation for a second pregnancy. Casey shares her professional expertise as a physical therapist and her personal experience as a mom to support your healing journey.

Casey helped Gina develop the c-section specific recovery program. She provided her expertise as a PT and tested it herself to ensure we developed an amazing program.

What are our clients saying about our c-section recovery fitness programming?

"After having an unplanned c-section with my first child, I was completely lost on how to begin training in the gym once my dr cleared me. I stumbled across the MamasteFit Instagram late one night while feeding, entered a drawing for a recovery program and won! Thanks to the 4 week c-section recovery program I was able to properly recover with helpful videos, workouts and help from Gina who answered all of my questions I had along the way! I’m so thankful to her for creating this program and helping mamas like me who had NO clue where to begin on my road to recovery. I feel stronger then ever and am so thankful to have these tools at my disposal."

"I’ve been following Mamastefit’s Postpartum Return to Fitness C-Section program for the last 12 weeks (at my own pace and supplemented with some of my own weightlifting programming) and I am super thrilled with the results I have been seeing with my core strength returning and setting good foundations for building back my strength. I’m an experienced competitive weightlifter and coach who really values focusing on foundations and core strength, and found the variations on movements in the program really creative and effective in helping me reconnect with my midline. I especially loved all of the different weighted and banded variants."

"I found my ab separation after birth (even though it was just a finger width) closed up very quickly, almost all coning disappeared with many gymnastic movements, and I also felt my pelvic floor was much more controlled now compared to pre-pregnancy. A lot of people can’t believe I even had a c-section. Movements like jumping, squats and deadlifts came back fairly quickly. Although the program is structured for 4 days a week, I found I could do the program on any day that was most convenient for me since my baby was very demanding of my time."

Recover From Your Birth