Our postpartum fitness program help you navigate your return to running after the birth of your baby! Returning to running is so much more than throwing on a pair of sneakers and hitting the pavement. Let us help you regain core and hip stability, single leg strength, and a gradual return to higher impact to support your return to running postpartum.

We offer several program options to choose from:

  1. 16-Week Postpartum Return to Running
  2. 10-Week Running Follow On Program (to be completed after finishing one of our other 16 week programs, or if you are 6+ months postpartum & completed some sort of postpartum rehab)
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We offer our programming in three payment options:

  1. One Time Purchase ($199)
  2. 4-Month Payment Option ($60 per month)
  3. 10-Week Program is available for a one time purchase ($125, this options starts at week 7 of our 16 week program and skips the rehab portion)

*Some countries may require a VAT in addition to our payment options.

All options include our full postpartum fitness guidance PDF and educational videos on how to approach your return to running in the postpartum period!

After signing up, you will receive an email from Teambuildr with easy access to our postpartum fitness programming from your smart phone! We create these accounts manually, so it will not be immediate. You will receive access within 24 hours, if not please email us at [email protected].

Teachable will contain all our educational videos on how to approach your return to fitness, helping cues for various exercises, and general guidance as you enter the postpartum period!

Core Stabilization Training

Reconnect with your core postpartum to establish optimal core stabilization to build strength and prepare for higher impact movements, such as running. Core stabilization incorporates strengthening the myofascial slings to increase hip stability and strength to run injury free!

Strength Training

The program incorporates strength training to improve hip and leg strength to support a return to running. Our program focuses on single leg strengthening so that you can sustain repeated single leg impact with running. The strength training focuses on the entire body, with an emphasis on the hips and legs.

Gradual Return to Running

Gradually, we introduce a return to impact starting with mild impact movements, then incorporating plyometrics, and then interval runs. We focus on ensuring that your pelvic floor has the endurance to sustain function without leaking during short timed intervals, and gradually increasing the time frame over the 16 weeks.

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What are our running clients saying about return to running program?

"I highly recommend MamasteFit Postpartum Running Program. As a physical therapist, former marathon runner, and a mother to two (2.5 years, 3 months), I knew I needed a specialized program if I was going to be successful. I stopped running when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first due to mild pregnancy complications, which re-occurred with my second pregnancy. That means my running sneakers were collecting dust for a good 3 years. The postpartum time is like a blank slate, the perfect opportunity to re-build your body. This program emphasizes dynamic core stability, pelvic floor function, and hip strength. It slowly adds in heavier weights and plyometrics. The exercises are functional, occurring in all planes of movement (like motherhood), with an emphasis on breath and postural awareness. There are so many muscular imbalances present in the postpartum period, which this program identifies and addresses. The workouts can be done with or without "help" (toddler at your feet, baby wearing, etc) which makes completion so much more realistic. Little by little, I intend to return to a marathon. Honestly, I feel like my body might be better prepared this time around thanks to MamasteFit."

Resistance Bands to attach to a squat rack, door frame, or sturdy structure. Here are a few recommendations:

  •  Crossover Symmetry (our recommend resistance band system) there is a 20% off code in our education course. We recommend the athletic package + blue bands. These bands come with attachment options for a door frame, wall, or squat rack.
  •  Therabands*cheapest option but least durable
  •  Looped Resistance Bands*

Mini Bands* to loop around legs for band work.

Step or stool (wooden box or stairs to step up onto)

Pilates Ball*

Weights: dumbbells, kettlebells, and a barbell w/ plates. You choose your option of weight. The program is written for someone who has all three, but you can modify movements that involve a barbell with dumbbells or kettlebells.

Pull Up Bar

Cable Machine or Band Attachment Site

Stationary Cardio Machine (or walking/running route + stroller if running with child)

Sample Week of Training

Our programming consists of four weekly training sessions, split between two lower body focused training days and two upper body focused training days.

Each day begins with a core stabilization warm up routine, specific mobility for the workout, and warm up sequence for either upper or lower body.

Our programming is progressive, and gradually builds towards a stronger core + return to running with a strong and stable foundation!

What are our running clients saying about return to running program?

"The head coach, Gina, who writes all of the programming is extremely knowledgeable. Her very intentional programming is absolutely fantastic. Prior to my pregnancy and the birth of my son I spent years in and out of physically therapy dealing with SI joint pain, a tight IT band, and general discomfort in my left pelvic area. Little did I know postpartum was going to be a wonderful chance to “start over” with my imbalances and rebuild my strength. Gina’s programming and Mamastefit was just the place to do that. For the first time in as long as I can recall I am running and weight-lifting pain free."

Hi, I’m Gina!

I'm the head coach at MamasteFit, with my masters in exercise science. I've been exclusively training prenatal and postpartum women for the past several years, and have spent the time refining our fitness programs!

Both our postpartum return to fitness and return to running programs have been done by me personally in my own return to fitness! This has allowed me to refine our programming over the course of 3+ years, by both my own experimentation and feedback from my fitness clients.

I was a collegiate runner competing at the Division III level, so my passion in fitness started with running! I spent several seasons injured due to overuse injuries that could have been prevented with a more thorough strength training routine incorporated with my running programming. I have created this program to meet the demand of running in a way I wish I had when I was a collegiate athlete!

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