What does a prenatal fitness training week look like??

16 x On-Demand Workouts

Each workout is 30-40 minutes in length! There is an introduction video to every workout, that breaks down new exercises and what equipment to have on hand!

Squat/Deadlift Focused Day

The first training day focuses on squats and deadlifts, paired with single leg or staggered stance strengthening exercises. The training day finishes with pelvic stability focused accessory work.

Chest/Back Focused Day

The second training day focuses on bench press and rowing movement, paired with prenatal safe core strengthening exercises. The workout progresses towards upper body accessory work.

Glute Focused Day

The third training day focuses on strengthening the glutes and hamstrings. This day consists of glute focused exercises and lunge variations. This training day finishes with pelvic stability focused accessory work.

Shoulder/Back Focused Day

The final training day focuses on overhead press and rows, paired with prenatal safe core strengthening exercises. The training day includes upper body accessory work.

Prepare for Birth!

What are our prenatal fitness clients saying about our programming?

"Gina and the MamasteFit programming changed my life and empowered me to bring my beautiful & strong baby girl into this world on my own terms. Her prenatal workout routine allowed me to feel like myself in my ever-changing body, and guaranteed I felt incredibly strong and informed as my baby, and belly, grew and grew... I cannot stress enough the wealth of information and compassion that this woman and her gym can provide to moms of all sorts. My birth was able to be all natural and exactly as I had hoped. I am 2 weeks postpartum now and I look and feel better than I ever thought possible! 10/10 recommend this incredible resource!!!"

"[Gina's] expert fitness coaching at MamasteFit throughout my second and third trimesters made me feel tremendously strong and ready for labor when it came. This training also helped me keep my weight and blood sugar under control when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I’m convinced my third trimester would have been far more uncomfortable without her strength training. I felt very balanced, and my baby was in an optimal position when my labor started spontaneously at week 39."

Learn how to approach fitness during pregnancy through all trimesters!

We offer trimester by trimester modification guidance that can be adapted to your specific pregnancy! Training in-person prenatal clients for several years has helped us develop modifications to meet any pregnancy!
Alleviate common prenatal discomforts with a proven approach!

Because we work exclusively with prenatal clients, we are able to develop solutions to common prenatal discomforts such as pelvic pain or low back pain! Our programming incorporates exercises that are focused on strengthening the connection of our myofascial slings to help increase stability of the pelvis and core.

Understand the science of why and how to exercise throughout your pregnancy!

We explain how to approach fitness training throughout pregnancy, and why it is important to continue to move throughout your motherhood journey! Our fitness programming approach can help set the stage for the labor mindset. Our programming is challenging, but each day should be approached with grace: some days you will feel great

Hi, I’m Gina!

I'm the head coach at MamasteFit, with my masters in exercise science. I've been exclusively training prenatal and postpartum women for the past several years, and have spent the time refining our fitness programs!

Both our prenatal and postpartum return to fitness and return to running program have been done by me personally! This has allowed me to refine our programming over the course of 3+ years, by both my own experimentation and feedback from my fitness clients.

Read my recent birth story here!

Recommend Equipment

Resistance Bands to attach to a squat rack, door frame, or sturdy structure. You need a point of attachment, or place to attach bands, in order to do several of the exercises in our fitness program. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Crossover Symmetry (our recommend resistance band system) there is a 20% off discount code within the education course. We recommend the pro package. These bands come with attachment options for a door frame, wall, or squat rack.
  • Therabands*: cheapest option
  • Looped Resistance Bands* (will also want at least one looped band)

Mini Bands* to loop around legs for band work.

Step or stool (wooden box or stairs to step up onto)

Pilates Ball*

Weights: these can either be dumbbells or kettlebells. You choose your option of weight. You will want a set of light, medium, and heavy weights for you!

Not required but recommended equipment:

  • Bench
  • PVC Pipe/Broomstick Handle

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Stay Strong Throughout Your Pregnancy!

What are our clients saying about our prenatal fitness programming?

"I’m so so thankful for the approach and reminder in ever single workout to do what feels right. It’s part of my own journey, but I feel refreshed to have a natural focus on function of my body and my health, rather than all the other messages I’ve heard and listened to in other fitness programming. It actually feels life changing and healing."

"Just did my first prenatal workout and man was that a burner. Got me sweating and heart rate going. Most I have done in awhile. I feel great! Wish I would have started this when I found out I was pregnant and not 13 weeks in."